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Can't find the default flash driver 'LPC18_43_SPIFI_1MB_4KB.cfx' in a flash directory

Question asked by Simon Prentice on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Simon Prentice
This is an extension to "Trying to build LPC4370_LEDblinky with MCUXpresso" in LPC Microcontrollers
The project (LPC4370_LEDblinky) now builds but when attempting to start a debug session I get an error related to LPC18_43_SPIFI_1MB_4KB.cfx (shown in full at the end of this question).
I've seen a number of existing threads which seem to relate to this for LPCXpresso but I can't find the right files to import to get it to work in MCUXpresso.
There are some specific comments regarding LPC18_43_SPIFI_1MB_4KB.cfx in
Alias flash drivers
For compatibility with projects created with earlier LPCXpresso IDE releases, a number of other flash driver files are supplied which are just renamed versions of the standard drivers above. The use of these 'alias' drivers in not recommend, as they may not be shipped with future LPCXpresso IDE releases.
The following is a list of alias flash drivers, with the recommended replacement driver listed in each case.
...LPC18_43_SPIFI_1MB_4KB.cfx -> LPC18_43_SPIFI_1MB_64KB.cfx
Note: that the aliased driver - LPC18_43_SPIFI_1MB_4KB.cfx - is provided specifically to allow some existing projects using the LPC-Link2 as an LPC4370 evaluation board to continue working. It is not a true 4KB sector driver, it is just that the original LPCXpresso SPIFI flash driver mechanism treated the W25Q80BV device as a 4KB sector device (whereas the current mechanism uses it as a 64KB sector device).

Any thoughts on how I can get this example to work in MCUXpresso?

Target reported errors
can't find the default flash driver 'LPC18_43_SPIFI_1MB_4KB.cfx' in a flash directory
can't find the default flash driver 'LPC18_43_SPIFI_1MB_4KB.cfx' in a flash directory
flash driver directories:
--flash-dir "C:\nxp\MCUXpressoIDE_10.2.0_759\ide\bin\Flash"
Debugging context: LPC4370_LEDblinky LinkServer Debug
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