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MPC5746C Boot Assist Flash (BAF)

Question asked by Christopher Holland on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Christopher Holland

So, I am starting my foray into figuring out how to get the Boot Assist Flash to work.

Well, from what I understand, if the Boot Header is not found, the BAF will perform a Serial boot.

The Serial boot requires a BAF formatted file.


I figured out how to get the flash driver to work, which allowed me to erase the Boot header.

So, hopefully I am now in Serial boot mode. (Maybe S32 has some way to just erase the flash w/o programming?)


I figured out how to get an srec formatted file out of S32 Design Studio.

I noticed that addresses were not contiguous, so I checked a couple of ticks in S32 Design studio


That seemed to make the addresses contiguous.

Next, I chopped it up the .SREC file to leave just the code bytes.

I then added the Password, Load address, VLE bit and program byte length 

as shown below.


/////////  Original SREC Formatted File /////////////





///////// BAF Formatted File /////////////





I am using the EVB board, so the external xtal is 80 Mhz, which means I would need 96,000 baud.

I was able to just type in the baud rate on Tera Term VT so hopefully that works.


I tried sending a file or just sending the password and hope for some echo, but I don't see anything and I am wondering what, if anything, I am doing wrong.

I don't know if anybody else has tried this? I don't see any examples. 

There's not too much discussion of BAF.

Hopefully I am headed in the right direction.


Thanks for your help.