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FreeMaster setup

Question asked by Raghu Rajappa on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Paul Vlase

Using MPC5643L + Daughter board + Mother board XPC56xx EVB. 
Using Simulink + Green Hills v5.1.7 compiler + Serial interface (RappID). Using MPC56xL RBA file (to internal RAM)



The problem I am facing is with FreeMaster v1.3 tool setting up through CAN interface channel 2 (because channel 1 is used for CAN testing and serial-0 is used by RappID) 
1. Cannot setup the connection with the board through CAN interface channel 2. Currently there is IXXAT V4.1.x driver installed (not v3.x.x because of digital signature for my Windows 10 with secured bootloader ) 
I am trying the steps described in the FreeMaster CAN communication plugin readme files within the freemaster folders. 

The error I get is basically I cannot see a hardware channel. I have tested the channels for CAN communication itself and they both work fine (using PCAN-View). 


Also I tried checking FreeMaster after downloading the bootloader and application (simple can block). And ofcourse within my Simulink block, the FreeMaster is enabled to use FlexCAN 1 (not 0).


FreeMaster v2.0 crashes with anything I do. So i ignored that.