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Bluetooth LE advertising support

Question asked by Amit Kulkarni on Jul 10, 2018

We are working on enabling BLE GATT Server on SabreSd board and we are acing following issue:


On Android Layer it is throwing the error as
E BluetoothAdapter: Bluetooth LE advertising not supported
When we debugged further we found that inside a callback function 
static void btm_ble_vendor_capability_vsc_cmpl_cback (tBTM_VSC_CMPL *p_vcs_cplt_params)
'status' is HCI_ERR_ILLEGAL_COMMAND which supposed to be HCI_SUCCESS in true scenario.
This callback function is returned when inside BTM_BleReadControllerFeatures(tBTM_BLE_CTRL_FEATURES_CBACK *p_vsc_cback) 
we call 
BTM_VendorSpecificCommand (HCI_BLE_VENDOR_CAP_OCF, 0, NULL,btm_ble_vendor_capability_vsc_cmpl_cback). 
Here HCI_BLE_VENDOR_CAP_OCF is  defined as:
#define HCI_GRP_VENDOR_SPECIFIC (0x3F << 10) /* 0xFC00 */


1) What could be the reason for this error ?

2) Is HCI_BLE_VENDOR_CAP_OCF  vendor specific ? Do all vendors support this values or they are only meant for broadcom?