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Programming i.MX RT1050 wihtout DAP link

Question asked by Frenoy Osburn on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by Frenoy Osburn

Hi there,


I'd like to know if there are any useful options to program the i.MX RT1050 without using the DAP link? I need to run XIP programs from QSPI Flash.


1. MfgTool works but it appears to be very slow as it loads a program into RAM before actually programming the user application.


2. The reference manual says that the on-chip Boot ROM can be used to download code through USB or LPUART, is there any documentation or application like the MfgTool to do this or would I need to write it from scratch?


Any other suggestions are welcome, using USB OTG (as a VCP or CDC) and the boot ROM seems like a good option at the moment but I'm not sure how much has been done in this space already.