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How to configure multiple Interrupts in S12XE Family

Question asked by HARI CHARAN REDDY PACHARLA on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by lama

Hi all,


I am using MC9S12XE family microcontroller I want to configure Multiple Interrupts in my device like Timer,SPI,CAN, etc.. while I am going through chapter 6 of Datasheet  I came across this


What I understand from the above context is


I can configure only 8 Vector Interrupt Requests  out of 128 vector interrupt request selected by the INT_CFADDR


for Example

if I am given 

/*Ignore programming Syntax*/




then starting from 0xA000 -0xA007 only these Vector Interrupts I can Configure in INT_CFDATA0-7 


What about the other Interrupts If I need to configure?

If you look into the interrupt  vector Table of micro controller  present in DataSheet SPI0 interrupt vector location(0XFFD8) AND CAN0 Transmit Interrupt location is (0XFFB0)

CAN0 Receive Interrupt location is (0XFFB2) 

so I can't configure CAN0 interrupts along with SPI0 interrupts at a time 


Same thing with other Interrupts also ..


This is what I understood after reading the those Interrupt configuration Registers in chapter 6 of Datasheet 



Now my question is 

1.So How Can I Overcome this problem by using this micro controller family?

2.So How can I configure the other interrupts like CANTx,CAN Rx,SPI along with Timer Interrupt ?


If My understanding is wrong Please Excuse me, and please tell me the correct way of configuring the Multiple Vector Interrupt requests




Thanks In Advance