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NFC NTAG and PN7120 SAM - Secure Communication and Content

Question asked by Sherry Sher on Jul 10, 2018
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I am designing with NXP's PN7120 NFC controller chip. I was curious about security and encryption options. I looked through the NXP presentation "Security in NFC Readers" which talks about using SAM (Secure Access Module) module for security. I read through the PN7120 datasheet and it does not mention anything about having an integrated SAM module. My objectives are:-
1)To ensure unauthorized tags do not communicate with my NFC reader/controller

2)To protect my NFC tag's content from being read by an unauthorized NFC reader

The questions then become:

-Does the PN7120 not contain an integrated SAM module?

-What would then be my options to secure communication with tags e.g. NTAG216? 
-Is there a way to make tags unreadable by unauthorized NFC readers/controllers? i.e. can I protect/encrypt my tag's content from being read by other readers?