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Work with KITPF0100EPEVBE rev. B

Question asked by Artem Kochetkov on Jul 9, 2018
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Recently we received an KITPF0100EPEVBE evaluation board but as it turned out it was a rev B board. I have attached a photo of the received kit, so you can correct me if I'm wrong. 


As I understand it, to work with this board i must follow this guide.


The question is, where can I find the right software? In particular, I can't find the following:
1) NI-VISA 5.1.2 (reference given in guide does not lead anywhere);

2) KITPFGUI 3.0.


However, we also have PF programmer working with KITPFGUI 4.1. So if it can be connected in bypass to embedded programmer it would be great to hear how to do it.


Thank you in advance!