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ECC interrupts on LS1046

Question asked by He Cheng on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by He Cheng

Hi all,


I'm working on LS1046 ARM board and want to use ECC. In LS1046A Reference Manual, it mentions that "when an enabled interrupt condition occurs, the internal int_B signal is asserted to the programmable interrupt controller (PIC)". However, this is really confusing.

  • What kind of interrupt is int_B signal? How to handle it?
  • Is PIC provided on LS1046 board? I cannot find enough info about PIC in LS1046A Reference Manual.


In our project, GIC is used to manage interrupts. So I'm wondering if the info is already outdated and if ECC interrupts should be managed by GIC instead of PIC. If so, what interrupt ID is assigned to ECC interrupt?


Thanks in advance.