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UsbdmFlashProgrammer command line

Question asked by Werner Dungs on Jul 7, 2018



I have a problem with UsbdmFlashProgrammer command line.

I use a HCS08 MC9S08PA32 Cpu and want to program it with the UsbdmFlashProgrammer tool.

If the cpu was not programmed before (clean and fresh one) the UsbdmFlashProgrammer commandline failed with BDM_RC_SYNC_TIMEOUT.

If I use the windows version then a messagebox comes out with ' Cycle power'. If I do this (power off the device and power on again) then the programming works.

Also after this point the UsbdmFlashProgrammer commandline works as well.


What can I do that UsbdmFlashProgrammer commandline works also with fresh and clean cpu's ?


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