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how to read  FlexMemory as EEPROM on s32k144 ?

Question asked by 建宽高 on Jul 5, 2018
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hi , how to read  FlexMemory as EEPROM on s32k144 ,


I have read AN11983 , on page  15



3.5.2 EEE reads When the EEE is read, the data is supplied by the FlexRAM, so no flash operations are triggered. However, EEE reads are not allowed while a EEE write is in progress. Software must wait for CCIF after a write access before allowing software to continue. This way a special function is needed for EEE writes, but a EEE read does not require any special software. Another advantage to this approach is that no additional delay or flag checking is required if you have multiple EEE read accesses with no EEE write cycles in between. A special case for a EEE read that must be considered is the first access to the EEE after a reset. For the first read of the EEE after reset, the EEERDY bit may need to be tested to make sure that the state machine has completed the initial load of data from the E-flash to the FlexRAM. If the system start-up time is long, this guarantees that the initial data load has time to complete before the first EEE read, then a test of the EEERDY flag before the first read may not be required. However, it is safer to explicitly test the EEERDY bit before the first read access to the EEE. Certain CSEc boot options (for example, MAC boot options) might prevent FCNFG[EEERDY] flag to be set until boot process is finished correctly



I know I have to wait for EERDY to read the eeprom,   1 have create   flash_partitioning_s32k144 example on  S32K144 IDE (SDK 0.8.6) ,but not support  such as FLASH_DRV_EEE_READ   API , only support  FLASH_DRV_EEEWrite


I don't know how to read data from eeprom. can you provide a reading api such as FLASH_DRV_EEE_READ  ?


thank you