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Safe bootloader self-update

Question asked by Matyas Gasko on Jul 6, 2018
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we're planning to use an S32K (probably S32K148) controller in our project but I'm unsure if it has any built-in support or recommended way for updating the bootloader on the field in a safe way, i.e. boot remains possible in case of even a power failure during the update.


A possible approach would be to have a bootloader updater code on the flash (downloaded on-demand or permanently) and this code would overwrite the bootloader. The boot sequence in this case must be set to start with the bootloader updater code during the process, so that if the update is incomplete and the bootloader is invalid the system still boots and restarts the update.

The question is, is it possible to force the controller to boot from an alternative start address, set by a code running from the flash, in a way that this setting remains even in case of a power failure?


What other approaches are recommended, if there are any?


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