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cl-som-imx8 yocto - NXP BSP source repo sync failure

Question asked by Satya S on Jul 5, 2018
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I need to use the yocto build for cl-som-mx8 board and trying to sync the repo;

i'm following the instructions given @


The repo sync is failing

> repo sync
Fetching project meta-fsl-bsp-release
Fetching project meta-openembedded
Fetching project meta-qt5
Fetching projects:  22% (2/9)  Fetching project meta-browser
Fetching projects:  33% (3/9)  Fetching project meta-freescale-distro
Fetching projects:  44% (4/9)  Fetching project poky
Fetching projects:  55% (5/9)  Fetching project meta-freescale-3rdparty
fatal: repository '' not found
Fetching projects:  66% (6/9)  Fetching project fsl-community-bsp-base
Fetching projects:  77% (7/9)  Fetching project meta-freescale
fatal: repository '' not found
fatal: repository '' not found
fatal: repository '' not found
error: Cannot fetch meta-freescale
error: Cannot fetch poky


error: Exited sync due to fetch errors


i'm behind a corporate firewall, and from some discussion thread i gather that certain proxy settings and port number are needed to access the git;


Kindly help me regarding the same


I'm also attaching the manifest file