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CW 10.7 DSC 56F8037 -- How to fill memory (P-RAM)?

Question asked by j... on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by ZhangJennie

I am using CW 10.7 with the 56F8037. I am copying a function from flash to RAM. Unfortunately, I have not been able to generate an S-record & elf file that does NOT produce RAM-based entries of the function. Which is actually ridiculous, see question #3 here: Linker Command File (LCF) P:RAM Clarification .


So, I need to fill RAM with a fixed value to TRULY, test the copy-to-RAM function. However, I cannot find the menu entry to fill RAM. I tried right-clicking on the Memory Browser and Memory Monitor windows. There is no option there to RAM.


I sure there is a way. Please let me know how to fill RAM for the DSC in CW 10.7.