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Error Using MfgTool iMXRT1052 QSPI Flash Boot

Question asked by Eric Bollerman on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Carol Desjardins

I am attempting to bring up a board that has an iMXRT1052 connected to a QuadSPI Flash that is meant to be the boot location for the code. The XIP examples that I have used on the EVKB board work just fine. I am attempting to use the MfgTool on the board through USB to program the flash.


I can create the file using the tool, but when I start the MfgTool to program the flash I get "kStatus_FlexSPINOR_SFDP_NotFound" as an error message in the log file and the MfgTool fails. My boot pins are set to the serial download mode and the device shows up properly in the MfgTool before I attempt to program.


For a test I am trying to use the SDK evkbimxrt1050_hello_world example and have modified the XIP code to run from QSPI according to the Application Notes provided on NXP's page. I am also able to use the FlexSpi Nor Polling Transfer example project to correctly read and program the flash so I know the flash is electrically sound.


I am using MCUXpresso V10.2 and SDK 2.4.0 for the EVKB.


Any idea on what I could be doing wrong here?