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LPC1769 with SWD Interface

Discussion created by Mateus José Barbosa on Jul 6, 2018
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Hello, NXP Community!


We are developing a microcontroller recorder with SWD Interface, which is already implemented and it already records some micros, they are: ARM STM32F107, ARM ATMEL SAMD10, SAMD20 and SAM4E. The next microcontroller we are trying to record is the LPC1769, but there are some difficulties. We have already studied the document UM10360 LPC176x / 5x User manual Rev. 3.1 - 2 April 2014 and in it no we find a lot of useful information to assist in recording the microcontroller using the SWD.

Since the SWD interface is already implemented, we were able to perform the JTAG-to-SWD reset, read the IDCode and set the CDBGPWRUPREQ and CSYSPWRUPREQ registers, but we do not have the write and read register addresses for recording the LPC, which can be accessed via SWD through the TAR register and manipulated by the DRW.
Is there any documentation to help us with this task?


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