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KPP and I2C2

Question asked by Dylan Bartlett on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by igorpadykov



I'm working with an i.MX6 based SoM from Digi. I've been looking into the potential for using the KPP module to interface with a keypad we're building.


My only concern is that Digi use KEY_COL3 for I2C_2 in their module for communicating with the on-module PMIC. Does the KPP driver in Linux allow for "skipping" pins in this case?


i.e if I wanted to create a 4x4 matrix. Can I use KEY_COL0 through 2 and KEY_COL4 to create my columns? Effectively skipping KEYCOL_3 since it's being used for something else?


Thanks for the help.