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Programming RT1050 via serial bootloader

Question asked by Giuseppe Scarpi on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Ed Sutter

After designing the first RT1050-based board, I discovered a huge mistake (JTAG.MOD pin disconnected) so I have no JTAG/SWD interface

To remedy somehow, I am attempting to do some tests by downloading a firmware via SDPHOST.

Unfortunately, doing so triggers unexpected errors when attempting to write in the OCRAM area.

sdphost.exe -p com7 -- write-register 0x20200000 8 0x00
unexpected write response 0x89232389.
Status (HAB mode) = 1450735702 (0x56787856) HAB disabled.
Reponse Status = 2300781449 (0x89232389) REENUM Ack

Moreover, when attempting to read more than 4 bytes from the same location, another error occurs:

sdphost.exe -p com7 -- read-register 0x20200000 8 8
getStatusResponse.readPacket error 5.
Status (HAB mode) = 1450735702 (0x56787856) HAB disabled.

Of course the write-file command fails as well...

Any suggestions from you fellow engineers?

Please forgive me if I am asking stupid question or doing stupid errors. I am really new to RT1050.