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PRINTF floats

Question asked by Rudy Coppens on Jul 4, 2018
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I am using the following hard and software:

- NXP MKE14F512

- Segger J-Link Edu

- MCUXpresso  10.1.1_606



I readed the following page to do this:

MCUXpresso SDK API Reference Manual: Debug Console 


To init the debug console I use:



From the link above I tried running the following line of code:

PRINTF("Execution timer: %s\n\rTime: %u ticks %2.5f milliseconds\n\rDONE\n\r", "1 day", 86400, 86.4);


You would expect to see 85.4 milliseconds in the print console but I only get spaces. 

See attached file.