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Polarity of PCI Express INTx/IRQn sharing

Question asked by Yun Zuo on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by ufedor

I'm working on a P2020 BSP. According to P2020RM section 9.4.6, these information can be founded:

   "The internal INTx signals from the PCI Express controller are logically combined with the interrupt request (IRQn) signals so that they share the same OpenPIC external interrupt controlled by the associated EIVPRn and EIDRn registers."

   And "If a PCI Express INTx signal is being used, the PIC must be configured so that external interrupts are level sensitive (EIVPRn[S] = 1). If an IRQn signal is being used as edge-triggered (EIVPRn[S]= 0), the system must not allow inbound PCI Express INTx transactions."


In P2020RM section 9.3.43 External interrupt n (IRQn) vector/priority register (PIC_EIVPRn),

"bit 8, P: Polarity. Specifies the polarity for the external interrupt.
NOTE: If any of IRQ[0:11] are used to receive INTx signals from one of the PCI Express ports as a root complex, the polarity must be set to be active-high.
0 Polarity is active-low or negative edge-triggered.
1 Polarity is active-high or positive edge-triggered.

bit 9, S: Sense. Specifies the sense for external interrupts.
NOTE: If an IRQn signal is used to receive INT x signals from one of the PCI Express ports as a root complex, S must be set to be level-sensitive.
0 The external interrupt is edge sensitive.
1 The external interrupt is level sensitive. This setting must be used to direct the interrupt to IRQ_OUT_B or cint."


In my system, there is no IRQn signal,  only PCI-E INTx signal exist. It's clear to me that the PCI Express INTx should be configured with level sensitive. My concern is about the polarity of the PCI-E INTx.The polarity of the PCI-E INTx usually is set to be active-low. Actually speaking, in my current system, active-low polarity works fine so far. But according to the Note above, the PCI-E INTx must be set to be active-high. The note confused me. Can I get any clarification about the setting of the polarity in this situation (PCI Express INTx/IRQn sharing)?

Thanks in avdance!