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SPC5606BF1MLQ6 CAN1 Low Power Issue

Question asked by Ray Deng on Jul 4, 2018



  I built the project which used CAN1module, I need to let CAN1 go to low power model, that I set the TX, RX port to GPIO model. However, I found when set CAN1 to GPIO, then delay some millisecond, after that set CAN1 to Freese/Disable model, go to sleep, the current can low to 3mA. And, if set CAN1 to GPIO, set CAN1 to Freese/Disable model, delay some milesecond, then sleep, the current reach to 26mA. I found the RX_ERROR_COUNTER cannot be cleared, it is 129.

  Can anybody help to advice?




Ray Deng