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Read and write bytes less than 512 in K66 SD card

Question asked by NIKITA VAITALA on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Daniel Chen


I am using SDHC interface on K66 board ,where micro SD card has been inserted.

Sample application without any file system is working fine with 512 bytes block size.


I read in a K66 reference manual  that we can set block size anything from 1 byte to 4096 bytes in SDHC_BLKATTR register. 

When tried with setting block size as 4 bytes ,I am able to see write function returns success. However read to same 4 bytes block returns no data .


My queries are:

1. why setting block size other than 512 bytes does not work even though SDHC has support  (There is no file system)?

2.  Can I really change block size from 512 bytes ? If not why?


Please correct if my understanding is wrong, I am new to SD card drivers.


Thank you,