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LS1043ARDB with IoT Baremetal Framework

Question asked by Scott Boswell on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Yiping Wang

The Industrial IoT Baremetal Framework as described in the Developer Guide ( ) looks to be an ideal platform for our upcoming LS1043A based product. I have built the Baremetal OpenIL SD image for the ls1043ardb using the instructions in this document. The image begins the boot process and starts loading the Linux Kernel but hangs at "ASID allocator initialised" and then reboots a short while later.


I have also downloaded and installed the pre-built images for the Industrial Linux Rev 1.2 SDK at Time-Sensitive Networking Solution for Industrial IoT|NXP. Running the SD image on the LS1043ARDB results in the same hang at "[    0.065076] ASID allocator initialised with 65536 entries" followed by the periodic reboot. I have attached the boot log for reference.


I have also verified the switch settings on the LS1043ARDB board are correct and have also built other Linux SD card images that work fine on the same LS1043ARDB using the lsdk1803.


Are there any suggestions for getting the Industrial Linux Rev 1.2 SDK images working on the LS1043ARDB, or is this a bug in the current OpenIL support on the LS1043ARDB? Would a bug report be filed on the NXP site or the OpenIL project for this issue?