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iMX7 CSI MIPI : BT.656

Question asked by dh29 on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Celine Laurencin

iMX7 : ADV7280M : SUBDEV framework (mx6s_capture.c)


In my on-going battle to get an AD7280M (csi-mipi) working on an i.MX7 I can now capture an image from a PAL camera feed. Stable picture, correct colors, picture is clear....BUT.... I have 2 copies of the image, one on top of the other.


I am guessing that this is due to the ADV7280M sending INTERLACED picture, and I am not set-up for this.


I have tried patching parts of mx6s_capture.c to enable CCIR656 mode, enable Interlaced mode and enable de-interlace output, but when I try this everything stops - I get no ouput, and no mx6s_csi_irq_handler  interrupts.


Various parts of mx6s_capture.c don't look correct for the IMX7. For instance it tries to set bit1 os CSI control reg 18 (which it thinks is TVDECODER_IN_EN), but according to the iMX7 h/w manual this bit is RESERVED and should NOT be set!


Anybody got any experience in getting the CCIR656 mode (BT.656) / Interlaced input working with the iMX7.


[Please note the iMX7. For other CSI MIPI posts, on the (very) rare occasions I've had a reply from NXP-support-staff, they have quoted advice only relevant to the iMX6 with an IPU which uses a completely different driver framework].