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How to configure linker file to use both PFlash and DFlash for  .text section on KW36

Question asked by Haggui Souhail on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by Estephania Martinez



I am facing a problem of ".text.ProcessMacCommands' will not fit in region `m_text'". In fact I am using the example of the OTAP client and I want to add to it a LoRa middleware on a kinetis KW36 devboard. I know that the KW36 have 512ko of flash memory split on two bank. However referring to the .ld file of the project, I found that the example uses only one bank (0x00000->0x0003F800). I want to add the second bank (0x10000000->0x100040000) and therfore to split .text region between the two parts. Is there a methos to do this please because the #prgma directive seems not to work with mcuexpresso (warning : ignaoring pragma directive).