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s32k144 rtc problem on vlps mode

Question asked by 建宽高 on Jul 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by 建宽高

hi,I want to know whether the internal real-time clock can run under VLPS mode?


First, I checked the s32-rm (rev4) data


1. on P1367 

Power, clocking, and reset

The RTC is an always powered-block that remains active in all low power modes


That is, it works in all low power modes



2. on P955

In powermanage, RTC in VLPS mode is off state,off Module and clock sources are disabled, and off represents the block clock source prohibition

Therefore, I don't know whether RTC can work in VLPS mode, so I have done relevant experiments to prove whether VLPS continue to time from run-> lvps-> RUN ,

Whether to continue timing in mode on vlps


I have shown that both external crystal oscillations and internal real-time clocks within the internal clock source are valid