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imx-rt boot pin configuration

Question asked by Martin Ribelotta on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by CarlosCasillas
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Hello. I'm starting a development of imx-rt1021 board using as reference the MIMXRT1020HDUG (Hardware Development Guide), the reference manual (IMXRT1020RM)


In IMXRT1020RM, page 292, section 8.4.2 the table 8-4 specifies this pin bootstrap configuration:


But, in the datasheet (IMXRT1020CEC), page 72, section 5.1, the table 66 is:


This is consistent with page 8 of hardware reference manual (MIMXRT1020HDUG), Figure 2:

And the MIMXRT1020-EVK implementation (Sheet 14)


In concret. The BOOT[1:0] is from GPIO_EMC[17:16] or GPIO_AD_B0_[04:03]?