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KMS Clearable and Nonclearable Faults - The One's We Don't Have Access To

Question asked by Derek Cook on Jun 29, 2018
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I had a question about a few of the KMS faults I cannot find in the sensored or sensorless velocity projects, and the Reference Manual does not give me a very good description of these faults. I am using my own hardware, not the development kit, so if some of these faults don't apply with my own hardware please let me know. If you could tell me or point me to where to find the threshold for the faults, what the faults are, and are triggered by. I need to test for each of the faults in my system, if possible, and need to know the thresholds for each, and have a good understanding on how each is set.


These are the faults I cannot find in my project that I may need to test for:

  1. motOpenPhaseA - I know these are open phase, but would like to know how that is determined
  2. motOpenPhaseB
  3. motOpenPhaseC
  4. motImbPhaseA - I know these mean imbalanced phase but would like to know how that is determined
  5. motImbPhaseB
  6. motImbPhaseC
  7. motOverTemp - I don't pass this to KMS, so will this be unused?
  8. commsFault - Is this only used with the GUI?
  9. preDriverLowVoltageSupply
  10. preDriverDCBusOverCurrent
  11. preDriverPhaseError
  12. preDriverTemp


Faults I maybe cannot test for, but just would like to know how they are triggered:

  1. fastISRReentered - Is this triggered by maybe a fast ISR overrun case where you reenter the ISR when you still haven't finished the ISR task?
  2. slowIsrReentered - is this another overrun type fault?
  3. ramFault - Not enough ram?
  4. flashFault - Not enough Flash?
  5. regFault
  6. clkFault
  7. isrFault


Thanks for the help!