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MCUXpresso vocabulary : MCG, SCG ... ?

Question asked by Vladimir Blanshey on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by Vladimir Blanshey

I have a question. What MCG SCG ? I tried FEI but then FLL despite PLL although IREFS and BLPE ?


Did you understand my question?  Doesn't look like English?  In MCUXpresso Config Guide all those terms are not "translated" into a plain English. They are used with confidence as if they are part of English vocabulary. There is no Abbreviations list. I tried to search for exact meaning (skip my guesses) of MCG and SCG "words" in other NXP documents such as MCUXpresso User Guide and also MCUXpresso Quick Start guide but those use these words as if they are well known by English reader...  Did those individuals who wrote those document assume they are using English language ( or if you have a problem just open a Merriam–Webster...)?

Can somebody decrypt at least these two :MCG and SCG ? Or better yet point me to a place where all the abbreviations used in MCUXpresso Config Guide are explained in plain English?