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Problems with shared memory in Release mode

Question asked by Michael Schuehle on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2018 by Jürgen Stuber


I have developed a multicore application on a LPC4357 on a Embedded Artists OEM Board (LPC4357 OEM Board | Embedded Artists AB ).

The Programm works perfect if I run it in Debug mode with a LPC-Link2. But if I change to Release I get problems with the shared memory for the interprocess communication.

The OEM Board provides a 32Mbyte SDRAM wich I use succesfully and I have defined four memory locations for the interprocess communication. !The locations are in both cores the same.

#define IPC_M0_CMD                  (uint32_t *)0x28000000
#define IPC_M0_CMD_PARAM    (uint32_t *)0x28000004
#define IPC_M4_CMD                  (uint32_t *)0x28000008
#define IPC_M4_CMD_PARAM    (uint32_t *)0x2800000C


uint32_t *m0_cmd                  = IPC_M0_CMD;
uint32_t *m0_cmd_param     = IPC_M0_CMD_PARAM;
uint32_t *m4_cmd                  = IPC_M4_CMD;
uint32_t *m4_cmd_param     = IPC_M4_CMD_PARAM;


typedef enum{
    M4_NOP                                          = 0,
    M4_M0upAndRunning                      = 1,
    M4_Err                                              = 2,
    M4_SetInSyncBaseAddr                  = 3,
    M4_SetBufferReadFinishBaseAddr = 4,
    M4_SetBufferIndexToReadBaseAddr = 5,
    M4_ReadMeasureData                      = 6,
    M4_SkippedCycle                              = 7,
} M4_CMD;

If the M4 core reaches the point to start the M0 core, the M4 core waits after the start till the M0 core responds with a UpAndRunning command:

// Start M0APP slave processor
DEBUGOUT("  - start M0 core ... ");
    while((*m4_cmd) != M4_M0upAndRunning){}
    DEBUGOUT("\n    M0 responds: M0upAndRunning\n");
    *m4_cmd = M4_NOP;
DEBUGOUT("    done\n");

And the M0 core set the command if the initialization is done and waits till the command is cleared:

DEBUGOUT("  - send upAndRunning back to M4 core ... ");
    *m4_cmd = M4_M0upAndRunning;
    while(*m4_cmd != M4_NOP){}


As written above in Debug mode all worked perfect but in Release mode both cores stay forever in their while loops...

I'm happy if anybody have an idea what the problem could be.


Kind regards