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How to calculate PTS

Question asked by Remus Mihail Prunescu on Jun 28, 2018

Dear NXP Community,


In my application frames per second varies somewhere between 15-25 fps, and in order to get the right playback of the video stream I think I need to calculate the presentation timestamp in my application code (the encoder is not doing it itself). In libimxvpuapi encoded_frame->pts just copies raw_frame->pts, so I guess the raw_frame->pts needs to be calculated by the application.


Looking around I found a formula for h264 streams (c++ - ffmpeg::avcodec_encode_video setting PTS h264 - Stack Overflow):

//Calculate PTS: (1 / FPS) * sample rate * frame number
//sample rate 90KHz is for h.264 at 30 fps
picture->pts = (1.0 / 30) * 90 * frame_count;


Has any of you used a similar formula or is there any official documentation for it?