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i.MX6s/dl: input PPS to FEC for PTP Grand master ENET_1588_EVENT0_IN

Question asked by Rob Cornall on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by Andy Duan

I am currently looking at implementing PTP on our device to function as grandmaster.

We can achieve some decent results with a seperate GNSS module providing reference time and 1-PPS signal hooked to a GPIO.


To achieve better results (<1usec accuracy) it is ideal to connect the 1-PPS signal directly to the FEC via one of the IEEE 1588 4 channel's ENET_1588_EVENT<0-3>_IN pins. (These are muxed with various GPIOpins).


An example of a NIC that supports such behavior is the Intel i210.


Looking at the fec_ptp.c driver it does not currently support any INPUT PPS to control the phc in the fec.


Is there any word on support for this coming soon?

I appreciate any help on this subject.





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