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PN532 ACK Issue

Question asked by Carlos Rubio on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by IvanRuiz

Hello Everybody, i bought a PN532 RFID for read an write rfid tags with ISO 14443 Type B protocol, and when i wrote the function: InDataExchange the response is an array of pure 80 80 80  80  numbers, the packet buffer settings are the next:


pn532_packetbuffer[0] =4A; //
pn532_packetbuffer[1] = 1
pn532_packetbuffer[2] = 0x94;
pn532_packetbuffer[3] = 0xA4; 
pn532_packetbuffer[4] = 0x00;
pn532_packetbuffer[5] = 0x00;
pn532_packetbuffer[6] = 0x02;
pn532_packetbuffer[7] = 0x3F;
pn532_packetbuffer[8] = 0x00;



this numbers are extracted for the Application Note in the Table 4. The PN532 as a ISO/IEC 1443-4 reader. Type B card activation( I upload the pdf here), i hope if somebody can help me.