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How to use Crypto Acceleration Unit (CAU) on K64 for AES and SHA

Question asked by unknowncoder on Jun 27, 2018
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I am using the CAU on the K64 in the multi-threaded environment. I am using these function through the MCUXpresso SDK 2.4.0. 

If I am using the CAU for AES encrypt/decrypt can I concurrently use CAU to do SHA256. Before the AES encrypt/decrypt has finished.


For example consider the following call order from a single thread for simplicity.

(The function names are provided by the SDK driver)

  1. MMCAU_AES_SetKey()
    • Sets the AES encryption key in the CAU 
  2. MMCAU_SHA256_HashN()
    • User the CAU unit for SHA256, before I encrypted the data
  3. MMCAU_AES_EncryptEcb()
    • I now encrypt the data, with what I assume to be the correct key even though I called SHA256 method above.

Will the AES encryption still work correctly though I called the API to do a SHA256 hash before I called the encrypt.