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Question about "RxThreshold" in CLRC663

Question asked by Jaeyeol Lee on Jun 28, 2018



Would you someone please explain about the meaning of value in "RxThreshold(0x37) - MinLevel and MinLevelP." register?


In the data sheet, just described as below.


Bit        |   Symbol        | Description
7 to 4   |   MinLevel      | Defines the MinLevel of the reception.
                                       Note: The MinLevel should be higher than the noise level in the system.
3 to 0    |   MinLevelP   | Defines the MinLevel of the phase shift detector unit.


And I can see how to set the value in "AN11019 - CLRC663, MFRC630, MFRC631, SLRC610 Antenna Design


But, there is no description about what a number which can be set from 0x0 to 0xF stand for.


Thanks in advance.