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compiling ZigBee Pro Stack & RTOS Files

Question asked by Malcolm Hand on Jun 27, 2018


Can anyone help me, I am new to developing ZigBee code and I ran into a problem.


I am just trying to get the sample ZigBee C/C++ files (AN1184) provided by NXP to run on ZigBee USB Dongles (JN5169). But when I build, I get the error "make: *** NO rule to make target 'os_gen.o' need by 'sleepingEndDevice.elf'. Stop". I think its because my JenOS configurator file (.zpscfg) isn't building the object file (because I cannot find the file in the program directory). So I think I need to figure out how to build the JenOS cConfigurator file.


Any help is very appreciated, Thanks