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'imxv4l2videosrc' shows no capabilities

Question asked by dh29 on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by dh29

i.MX7D, gstreamer-1.0, imx gstreamer plugin v0.12.3



In my on-going battle to get an AD7280M (csi-mipi) working on an i.MX7 I have reached the point whereby occasionally I can capture an image (albeit wrong colors), but only if I use the v4l2src. I cannot get the 'imxv4l2videosrc' to work.


I have inspected the 'imxv4l2videosrc' using, 

gst-inspect-1.0 imxv4l2videosrc

and it shows the following:

Factory Details:
   Rank primary (256)
   Long-name V4L2 CSI Video Source
   Klass Source/Video
   Description Capture video streams using V4L2 CSI interface
   Author Philip Craig <>

Plugin Details:
   Name imxv4l2videosrc
   Description GStreamer i.MX V4L2 CSI video source
   Filename /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/
   Version 0.12.3
   License LGPL
   Source module gstreamer-imx
   Binary package Unknown package release
   Origin URL Unknown package origin


Implemented Interfaces:

Pad Templates:
   SRC template: 'src'
      Availability: Always

   Element Flags:
      no flags set


So there are no capabilities listed with the 'video/x-raw' ??? Anybody any ideas why???