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MQX PCB Corrupt

Question asked by jschepler on Jun 26, 2018

Hi all,


I am using MQX for KSDK 1.3.0.  I have been using the GNU tools 4.8 2014q3 since the project started.  I decided to update the tools to the latest version which is included in MCUXpress0 10.2.0, which is 7 2017q4.  (One of the reasons is because the linker can print a percentage of memory used after the build...)


I re-built all my libraries and my application.  I am now getting an HARDFAULT in the RTCS library, but only when the library has been built using the "size optimization" flag.  All my libraries were previously built with the -Os flag in the previous toolset, so it seems to be related to the new version of the tools.  


I have installed an exception handler to view the register values when the hardfault occurs.  It always happens in the ENET_send() function in the file fsl_enet_rtcs_adapter.c.  When packetPtr is assigned to packet->FRAG[0].FRAGMENT, the address it points to is 0xFFFF_FFF2, which is obviously not valid.


The function call is the following:






I am not sure where to go to further debug the issue.  Should I just go back to the 4.8 version of the tools?