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Torque Ripple reduction BLDC

Question asked by Manish Sangram on Jun 26, 2018
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We are using the S12ZVMC128 MCU and a BLDC motor and running it at 150 to 8000 RPM


We are presently using six step BLDC software with BEMF zero crossing.


The big problem is this is causing a lot of torque ripple which in turn is causing lot of acoustic and vibration problems. 


We want to know if we can use any techniques to reduce the torque ripple. 


We have already tried tuning various aspects like PWM frequency, ad. angle, etc. but the noise due to torque ripple is extremely high for our requirements.



What can we do to dramatically reduce this. 


One option we came across are suggest use of Sinusoidal scalar control for PMSM which we have no idea how to implement for BLDC. However any other simpler suggestion etc. would be highly appreciated.


Our hardware is single shunt due to BLDC implementation. So we need a single shunt solution.


Basically we need the easiest single shunt solution with lowest vibration. If it works for BLDC thats perfect, otherwise PMSM is also okay (we have custom motor winding which we can change). SPWM, SVPWM, Sinosoidal, FOC all okay but ordered in descending order of complexity!



Radek Sestak