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Is a tamper detection pin enabled when it is not used as GPIO?

Question asked by Hirotoshi Sato on Jun 26, 2018
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Hi, I would like to know about TAMPER_PIN_DISABLE.

I use i.mx6ull CPU, so I referenced IMC6ULLRM.pdf


According to the manual,  definition of TAMPER_PIN_DISABLE[1:0] are as following :

        00 - enabled, TAMPER0-9 used as TAMPER detection pins.

        01 - disabled, TAMPER2-4 and TAMPER7-9 used as GPIO.

        10 - disabled, TAMPER0-1 and TAMPER5-6 used as GPIO.

        11 - disabled, TAMPER0-9 used as GPIO.

 (these are copied from Yuri's answer at mx6ul tamper pin to gpio  )


When I did "fuse read 0 3", I got 10 at [21:20].

It means that  TAMPER0-1 and TAMPER5-6 used as GPIO.


How about TAMPER2-4 and TAMPER7-9?

Do they work as tamper detection pins?

"enabled" is written only when fuse is 00, so I confused.