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Freemaster Driver Installation for MKV1xxx7 Microcontroller

Question asked by Abdullah Çınar on Jun 26, 2018



I'm trying to add the Freemaster UART libraries to my existing project since yesterday but NXP software tools are very confused. There are too many configuration tools like MCUxpresso, KEx tools, Processor Expert etc. Also, most of the tutorials about the Freemaster is written for Code Warrior but I'm using the Kinetis Design Studio.


Can someone please guide me on how to add Freemaster UART drivers to a project (even adding to a new project is enough for me). I found out that the Processor Expert tool has the Freemaster library but the "Add to project" option is not clickable. 


I have installed 3 different SDK archive to make it work but still, I can not click to that button. Do I have to add the Freemaster files one by one manually?


Processor Expert does not support MKV11 series MCUs. How can I add the support for these MCUs to processor expert? I can not even start a new project using a couple of peripherals via Processor Expert. Freemaster is not the only problem.