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Gpio interrupt and Wifi wakeup with IMX7D

Question asked by Matti Sillanpää on Jun 26, 2018
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I've looked at tons of thread about this regarding IMX6 and I think I've got the device tree configured. Should the IMX7 be different somehow to IMX6? I cannot get the system to wake up from gpio interrupt.


I've added gpio_keys group in device tree and added gpio muxings to iomuxc in dts-file like this:

    gpio-keys {
    compatible = "gpio-keys";
    pinctrl-names = "default";
    pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_gpio_keys>;

    wakeup {
        label = "WakeUp";
        gpios = <&gpio2 5 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
        linux,code = <KEY_HOME>;
    volume-up {
        label = "Volume Up";
        gpios = <&gpio2 3 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
        linux,code = <KEY_VOLUMEUP>;

    volume-down {
        label = "Volume Down";
        gpios = <&gpio2 0 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
        linux,code = <KEY_VOLUMEDOWN>;


&iomuxc {
    pinctrl-names = "default";

    imx7d-pico {
        pinctrl_gpio_keys: gpio_keysgrp {
            fsl,pins = <
                 MX7D_PAD_EPDC_DATA05__GPIO2_IO5    0x1b000
                 MX7D_PAD_EPDC_DATA03__GPIO2_IO3    0x1b000
                 MX7D_PAD_EPDC_DATA00__GPIO2_IO0    0x1b000


On device I've set the device to low power mode with:

echo standby > /sys/power/state
After this i've tried to toggle the affected gpio, but the device doesn't wake up.

I can see the added group in the filesystem (gpio_keys) with the gpio's listed underneath on the device once booted with new kernel.
And how about wifi network wakeup? I've heard that that's a thing too. We would like to use VoIP with this with either incoming call wakeup or waked by button.