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LPC43xx I2S synchronisation question

Question asked by Jonathan Smith on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by jeremyzhou



I am using the I2S interface on a LPC4333. I have this set up and it is running fine. The next step is to re-synchronise (or deskew) the sampling when an external pulse occurs, which will be every 10s approx. What I want to achieve is the rising edge of I2S0_TX_MWS to be delayed. Since I am driving a slave ADC I think I should also be stopping the SCLK for the delay duration.


I am planning on using TIMER3 to count the number of PCLKs between my sync pulse and I2S0_TX_MWS, which will allow me to work out what delay is needed on the I2S interface to sync them up.


I am not sure how to delay the I2S interface. Should I stop and restart the interface? Should I also empty the buffer?  Should I mute? Will any of these guarantee that the I2S0_TX_MWS will be synced?


Any recommendations would be appreciated,