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Interfacing KL81/K81 MCU to Legacy MSR Magnetic Card Stripe Reader

Question asked by Bagus Hanindhito on Jun 24, 2018
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I am interested in using the Kinetis KL81/K81 MCU for developing a portable PoS system. 

The KL81/K81 MCU has plenty of interfacing that are suitable for our needs. According to the attachment, the KL81/K81 can read EMV Chip Card (Contact) using the TDA8035 and contactless (NFC) card using the PN5180.


One thing that it is not clear for me is how to connect the KL81/K81 into the MSR Magnetic Stripe Card reader. In the diagram, it is directly connected to the ADC of KL81/K81. I am pretty sure that there should be a front-end chip that amplify and process the analog signal from the magnetic reader. Therefore, I need suggestion on how the recommended way to connect the MSR to the KL81/K81 using the fewest component as possible.




Bagus Hanindhito