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LPC845 MCUXpresso 10.2 + SDK 2.4.0, add function to source

Question asked by Luis Martinez on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Luis Martinez

Dear friend,

Continuing with my evaluation of LPC845M301JBD48 over board LPC845MAX I found a frustating issue, not clear if is my computer or I'm doing something really wrong.
I check the new MCUXpresso 10.2 with the new SDK 2.4.0 and apparentelly all work fine. My objetive is prepare a 'baremetal' configuration over the LPC845MAX board, work well with simple program like 'hello world', with header 'stdio.h' and 'semihosting' interface,...

Problem arise when I try to include MCU' functions, like the simple functions from the gpio' header,... just I created configuration with the 'Configuration Tools', I updated pins & clock into project (and aparentelly all was ok),... I checked it comparing with the 'led blinky' example (tons of times) resulting all headers, sources, etc (aparentelly) well,... but the funtion (gpio_pin_config_t) still appear unknow in my build,... note I copy & paste this funtion in my source from 'led blinking' example (not clear for me if I can drag & drop funtions in some way like I saw in old video from 'processor expert' (how to do this from sdk or mcuxpresso?), I don't find procedures, how to,.. in a lot of Gogge search or internal documents in NXP),... so my questions:

1- How can review how it work & implement in my code all these MCU functions that appear in 'headers'?.

2- I'm assume the 'baremetal' configuration over LPC845MAX (target MCU) has not incompatibilities issues and I can done it with the normal SDK and software structures we have in resouces, it's not?.

3- Due these question are quite simples from a conceptual point of view (sorry for it), there is some recomended book or document or videos to end these questions? (I found interesting books, videos, documents,... for others MCU but not for the NXP LPC845,...).

4- Last (but not least) I'm evaluatig LPC845 with the pourpouse of make several pcb to apply it in real problems,... I have in my focus the (monster) LPC546xx,... (due the display, the interfaces, the program capacity etc), the amount resouces and the tools are the same than in LPC845 or to improve the process is better do another approach?.


Thanks in advance for your answers and time.

Best Regards