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Connecting Flash to Coldfire FlexBus

Question asked by Stephen Kainec on Jun 22, 2018

We been using a Numonyx PC28F128J3F75A flash part with the flash part in x16 mode with the Cold chip select configured as a 16bit port. The address lines go from A0 to A0, A1 to A1, etc.  But on the Numonyx flash part, when in x16 mode, A0 is not used, so A1 is the lowest address line it uses.   Since this part is going end of life, we need to switch to another flash part and are looking at Micron MT28EW128ABA.   This flash part use A0.  The question is, if we just shift the address lines, have the Coldfire A1 go to the flash part A0, Coldfire A2 go to the flash part A1, etc.  Is this all we need to do to get the new flash part working like the old flash part or is there more to it, like perhaps the Numonyx interface is doing something we don’t realize and this is why it works?