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How to flash a elf(generated outside S32DS) on the MPC5748G Devkit over USB ?

Question asked by Kishore Kumar Devendran on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by sk@kpit

mpc5748g dev kit 

I was successful in flashing this elf using the lauterbach + JTAG .


I am quite new to this Open SDA USB and seem to doing it wrong. I would like to know the procedure to flash a elf file over usb. 

My tools are 


  1. MPC5748G DEVKIT powered by 12V Supply 
  2. USB to Micro-B connector



  1. S32 Design Studio v2017.R1


With this above setup i would like to know what procedure or what tools i would need in order to flash the elf on the development kit ?

P.S : I have already tried the flash configuration in S32 DS with the Target and core selected but somehow the flash doesnt go through and just hangs in between.