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setup procedure for FRDM-K64 board with Segger J-Link probe ?

Question asked by Vladimir Blanshey on Jun 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

FRDM-K64F board user guide does not describe the setup procedure to use Segger J-Link probe with this board except only mentioning that disconnecting J8 and J12 jumpers "might be required" (even this is not clarified when/if and why) .

Can somebody share the sequence to power on : the board, Segger probe, the USB connections for the board, for the Segger probe, and also the jumpers settings changes from default if these are necessary.


Software-wise everything seems to be clear: Segger driver is already installed and the probe is working on it's own, The board is working without probe and MCUXpresso IDE is working with board and I understand that IDE will discover the probe once it is setup.

Only a proper sequence of the hardware setup and powering with probe connected is not fully described.