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How to Count 'FTM Cycle '

Question asked by DAEMANG PARK on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Daniel Martynek


I would like to count FTM cycle.

I use s32k144 and s32k144EVB.


I set FTM0 to make Edge PWM.

it's source Clock is 8Mhz and prescaler is 2. so it is going to be 4MHz.

Set MOD to 36 and CnV is 18.

They were set to make PWM pulse 110Khz 50% duty.


BTW, I want count pwm cycle number.

I want it make pwm pulse with certain frequency until 100 cycle

and make pwm pulse with other frequency until 50cycle.

I think I can change frequencies. but don't know how to count pwm cycles.



1. Can you recommend the way to count pwm cycles under those condition?


2. What are the "FTM peripheral timer overflow interrupt" and "FTM peripheral timer channel interrupt" ? what is difference between them.