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ADC value differences.

Question asked by DAEMANG PARK on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by DAEMANG PARK

I use S32K144EVB. I think there are some differences between the input voltage and the value read by adc channel.
Test has been done under condition below.

SW : ADC_s32k144 (S32K example code)
HW : S32K144EVB

IDE : S32K design studio for ARM version 2018 R1.

1.Connect power from power supply to adc pin
2.Read caluated adc value.

results are as below.
(Input / caled value)
1.001V / 1018
1.101V /1125
1.201V /1224
1.5V /1531
2.001V /2047
2.501V /2561
3.001V /3075
3.501V /3594
4.001V /4103
4.500V /4626
4.800V /4925
5.000V /5000

The difference is growing when the input voltage goes to 5V.
I got 3 evb boards. and those gaps exist from All boards with the same SW (example codes).
Please check this out.#